Budzburn is excited to introduce our premium HHC Moonrocks that starts with pieces of our Premium OG Legendary hemp flower and then soaked in with HHC Distillate and lastly coated with pure CBG Kief for a clear-headed euphoric feeling.


Budzburn’s Delta 8 Moon Rocks are achieved by taking 100% Organic Hemp Flower CBD Buds and coating them with Delta 8 Indica Terpenes. Once the Delta8 Flower has been infused with Godfather OG terpenes, the Delta 8 Flower is coated with CBG Kief giving these Delta 8 HHC Moon Rocks the ultimate experience. The best way to smoke D8 Moonrocks flower is simply break the flower apart and smoke in a bowl or bong. It is not advised to use a grinder with the D8 Flower as the Kief will be lost in the grinding process.

HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC derived from cannabis plants. It also has four times the strength and potency of THC, making it more efficient than delta-8 and delta-10. Regular doses of HHC flower might lead to stronger euphoric, relaxing, and enjoyable feelings.

HHC Moonrocks
Moon rocks are made by taking a nugget of bud and dipping it in or spraying it with concentrate, or hash oil. The coated nugget is then rolled in kief.  – SIMPLY AMAZING –
We process our D8 Moonrock orders same day and orders usually ship within 1 business day.

BUDZBURN it’s your source for affordable DELTA 8 products.


Additional Information
Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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